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Full Moon Kayak Tour

$49.99 per person, $20 with own kayak
Same day reservations: $55 (if available)
College students – $30 with FL College ID

72 Hour Cancellation Policy

Next Trip:

Friday Sept 25 7:00pm
Saturday Sept 26 7:00pm
Sunday Sept 27 7:30pm LUNAR ECLIPSE
Wednesday october 25 6:30pm
Wednesday November 25 6:30pm

Escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city and join us at Blue Moon Outdoor Center for a memorable experience under the light of the full moon. Everyone is welcome to come along, as our Full Moon Kayak tours are popular among both singles and couples, and people of all ages. This is a social event and a great way to meet new people! After check-in, departure then begins from Blue Moon and we venture together, glow sticks in hand, through a peaceful mangrove trail and into the calm waters of the Biscayne Bay. Guides will light the way as you trail behind on the route to Oleta’s private beach to hang-out by the fire. Tiki torches line the beach site where marshmallows and the makings for s’mores are provided by our staff. As the fire starts to fade and the soft breezes and waters from Biscayne Bay call us back into our kayaks, we will leave for a short paddle home with a smile on our face and a pleasant memory of the night. First timers are welcome but should be comfortable on the water.

Need to unwind from the work week? Or simply looking for a fun, unique night out? Let the light of the full moon and the peaceful waters of Biscayne Bay capture your soul and ignite your senses. This is a Soul Searcher’s Paradise! Our Full Moon Tours are very popular with all kinds of people who enjoy meeting others to howl at the moon, or just mellow out in the peaceful evening waters.

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