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October 23, 2018

Team building is one of the initiatives designed to improve workplace culture and improve the teamwork performance. Creating a better team building requires fun, tailored to objectives, the given timeframes, and budget for the clients.


There are different ways in which cycling can contribute to team building. This is what our friends from have to say about how just some of those ways:



Learning advanced cycling skills helps to build confidence. Moreover, in a team building situation; there is interaction and communication between the business partners. From such connection, more ideas come up concerning the business including the challenges the company is likely to face. Some people are afraid of talking with their partners directly concerning a business related issue, but when they are cycling, it unites them and confidence created to speak out.



It also promotes leadership through interaction. Some bosses are known to be strict to their clients or partners as they mean business. Biking gives them the opportunity to share entirely with their workers and clients, thus, creating good leadership. The workers will feel cared for and loved by their leader, hence, creating a team building environment, built with trust and love.



Cycling creates a strong bond between different companies and clients. It occurs when one company invites different companies and people for a biking competition to help support a charity or a project to give back to the community. Finding friends and support from others creates a strong bond as they will expect the same during their turn. Business bond leads to more significant achievements, hence, building a better team building and its participants will gain a positive working culture.



Cycling builds an excellent teamwork experience in work environments. Creating teamwork is when the business leaders participate with their workers and lead them in biking. A great workplace is one that not all meetings and decisions are made in an office, biking can break the business monotony, and through it, more ideas will come out. Each person will have a responsibility in the proposal made, and they will be dependent on each other creating a better team building.



Since cycling is a way of having fun and adventure, it creates a better team building. Most companies organize a holiday trip for their workers to break job monotony. But, cycling is all in one event that everybody views it as a positive development. A company can organize employers and workers biking competition away from their workplace. Apart from being an adventure, it will be fun as each team has an aim in the adventure. The same objective in the competition implies the exact way in which the business objective should be, hence, creating a better work experience between the employers and the employees.


Biking is not only a fun event but can help your business and customer relationship develop to a higher level. It should be part of  the company’s’ regular activities to break job monotony and allow time for interactions between the workers.


About The Author:

Stefan is the Community Manager at Stefan is a keen blogger and in his free time likes to discover new cycle routes around his local countryside. As a passionate cyclist, he started BikeStorage after struggling to find the right storage solution for his bikes while at home  and  travelling. He resides in UK, Harrogate

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