Blue Moon Outdoor Center

Blue Moon Outdoor Center is the successor of Full Moon Kayak Company. Started by Colleen Guido in 2001 after returning from a vacation in Australia, Colleen had a vision to show Floridians and tourists the real South Florida. She was determined to bring guided kayak tours to the waterways. After a peaceful night of kayaking with friends under a full moon, the name Full Moon Kayak Co. was born. She began to build her business offering kayak trips under a full moon, and it quickly became a hit. She expanded her template for success by combining wine tastings with kayak events, sunrise and sunset paddles, and corporate team-building kayak outings. Then, in March of 2005, Colleen was welcomed by the State of Florida Park System to provide recreation to guests at Oleta River State Park, at which point Full Moon Kayak Co. became the Blue Moon Outdoor Center!

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Blue Marlin Fish House

The Blue Marlin was a thriving smokehouse, fishhouse, marina and restaurant that opened in 1938. The original owner of the Blue Marlin, Daniel Diefenbach, was mayor of North Miami Beach in the 1950s. An Interpretive Center at the restaurant displays the rich history of the area with artifacts that were found at the site from Tequesta Indians who lived there over 3,000 years ago. Recently, the Fish House was featured on TV’s Food Network. Visitors can enjoy a full menu featuring smoked fish samplers and smoked fish dip while enjoying the view of the Oleta River. Manatees are often spotted playing in these waters.

Oleta River State Park

Florida’s largest urban park, Oleta River State park is located on Biscayne Bay in the busy Miami Metropolitan area, 15 minutes away from downtown Miami and 20 minutes away from downtown Fort lauderdale. Although it offers a variety of recreational opportunities, the park is best known for miles of off-road bicycling trails, ranging from novice trails to challenging trails for experienced bicyclists and for its beautiful waterways. Along the Oleta River, at the north end of the park, a large stand of beautiful mangrove forest preserves native South Florida plants and wildlife. Canoeists and kayakers can paddle the river to explore this amazing natural area. Swimming from a 1,200-foot sandy beach and saltwater fishing are also popular activities. Picnic tables and grills are available. Nine pavilions can be rented for a fee. All have water, and the largest one has electricity. Visitors can rent kayaks, canoes, and bicycles. For overnight visits, the park has rustic, air-conditioned cabins and a youth campground for organized groups.

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