Blue Moon Outdoor Adventures started back in 2001 as the Original "Full Moon Kayak Co' in Wilton Manors. Over the years Blue Moon has been in Wilton Manors, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and North Miami. We returned to our home base of Fort Lauderdale operating out of George English Park in 2017 and are here to stay! Join us for tour of the Isles of Venice with one of our experienced guides below.

In March of 2005, she was welcomed by the State of Florida Park System to provide recreation to guests at Oleta River State Park, at which point Full Moon Kayak Co. became the Blue Moon Outdoor Center.

After leaving the state park Colleen and Lauren,

a veteran from the original Blue Moon Outdoor Center, pulled their forces together to start launching Blue Moon Outdoor Adventures to specialize in their favorite team building and Discovery tours. They now bring the adventure to you anywhere in Florida!



Lauren started white water kayaking with her grandmother every summer in South Carolina. Instantly, she fell in love with all water sports. She worked every summer as a kayak instructor and tour guide in Virginia, DC, and Maryland earning her first ACA certifications at age 14 making her an experienced tour guide for over 15 years. The past five years she has worked in corporate sales with FedEx and several software companies. Reach out to Lauren for your team building proposals.

Colleen Blue Moon Outdoor Center and Full Moon Kayak Company started by Colleen Guido in 2001. After returning from a vacation in Australia, Colleen had a vision to show Floridians and tourists the real South Florida. A peaceful night of kayaking with friends under a full moon led to the birth of Full Moon Kayak Co.

Colleen began to build her business offering kayak trips under a full moon, and it quickly became a hit. She expanded her template for success by combining wine tastings with kayak events, sunrise and sunset paddles, and corporate team building kayak outings.


Paola is a marine biologist, swimmer, diver, paddler, and underwater photographer, who has always had a love affair with the ocean. Believing that sustainable, experience-rich eco tours on the water give people a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our oceans, she developed the Blue Discovery Tour. Paola aims to inspire a “Blue Minded Society”.


Joe is a marine educator, kayak and eco guide, and a sea turtle specialist who is living his passion for environmental conservation. His studies in horticulture science and certification as an Advanced Florida Master Naturalist and Land Steward, have made him a better teacher and advocate for our unique and fragile environments in South Florida.


Tim became a kayaker at the age of 10 under the tutelage of his late aunt, Dr. Julia Brown, a former member of the U.S. Olympic Kayak Committee. He is passionate about nature, customer service, and playing guitar for full moon kayakers. As a certified ACA Level II Kayak Instructor and former Operations Manager for Blue Moon Outdoor, he is now seasonal to Florida and spends much of his time in Virginia.


Kathryn is a South Florida native who grew up with the ocean never more than a few feet away. With Biscayne Bay as her backyard, she started kayaking as soon as she could hold a paddle and has loved the sport ever since. Kathryn started working with Blue Moon Outdoor in the summer of 2011 and Blue Moon has remained an important part of her life as she has worked her way through college and into her career. Her laid back demeanor and upbeat attitude on the water will make you want to paddle, relax, and ride out the waves.


Pay is a surfer, painter, graphic designer, videographer, and McGuyver who finds inspiration and peace in the ocean. He started as a StandUp Paddleboard tour guide with Blue Moon Outdoor and has since taught SUP and surf lessons to young adults in Cuba. He believes art is a tool for connecting us to one another and to nature.

Assistant Guides

In this industry we rely on a tight-knit team to have a safe and fun trip. Sometimes we need help with bringing up the rear of the pack, taking pictures, offering tips to a paddler who is struggling, and loading and unloading kayaks. To all of you “Assistant Guides” we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts…with team work, we’re making the dream work!